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The Engineering Design and Development Company(DEMICO)

has been established with the aim of job creation and industrial production of quality products.Due to the possession of several large factories with appropriate equipment, major activities is defined in three main business areas including the "design, manufacture, installation of telecommunications equipment and mobile sites", "Design and manufacture of equipment for oil and gas companies" and "the manufacture of certain industrial parts (including plant parts)"

During the years of activity, all mobile operators of the country (MCI, MTN, Talia and Rightel) have used the products and services of DEMICO company.Active companies in the extraction and exploitation of oil and gas resources (such as National Iranian Drilling Company, National South Oil Company, Falat Qareh Oil Company, National Oil Company of Central, etc.) as well as active companies in the construction and repair and maintenance of power systems (such as Iran Propulsion Company, MAPNA, etc.) are the company's major customers of Demico Company.

The Demico company motto, "experience the Iranian quality", demonstrates a staff management commitment to improving the quality of products and services, because the company knows that the key to progress, profitability and sustainability is in quality improvement and increase customer satisfaction.


Oil Projects

Oil Projects

Downhole Completion units used in Oil drilling rigs ...

Telecommiunication Projects

Telecommiunication Projects

A variety of cell towers, Lattice, ICB and Monopole ...

Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects

A variety of fixed and moving blades of gas turbines ...

Telecommiunication Projects

The Demico Company is of the oldest local companies in the design, manufacture and installation of telecommunications equipment and mobile sites and all mobile operators of the country (MCI, MTN, Talia and Rightel) have used the company's products and services.At the moment, the Demico company is part of a few main reputable contractor companies(GC), such as Telecom Communication Services Administration and suppliers to run and operate a mobile telecommunications sites.

A few examples of the company's products that have been approved for use in telecommunication sites :

Oil Projects

The Demico company is among powerful companies in the construction equipment and operation of oil and gas resources and equipment used in oil and gas and petrochemical complexes.Reputable companies operating in the oil and gas fields, including the National Iranian Drilling Company, National South Oil Company, Fallat Qareh Company, National central oil Company are using Demico's products and the company is on the list of their suppliers.

Some examples of approved products for use in oil and gas companies :

Industrial Projects

The Demico company is of the well-equipped and capable companies in the field of complex special parts and equipment used in various industries (such as power plants, automotive industry, aerospace industry, etc.).This capability is possibled by utilizing high technology manufacturing such as casting, heavy forging, CNC machining, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling (RP & RT). In addition, the precision measurement equipment such as CMM, Profile Projector and Micro Height machines and also laboratories of non-destructive tests (X-ray & PT) for strict quality control products are used. Other special features Dmykv company can be equipped laboratory and calibration laboratory also noted metallurgical and mechanical properties.

Some examples of high-tech products produced by the company are :

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The Engineering design and development of secure Iranians (DEMICO) was founded in 1380 with the original name of Iran Khodro Industrial Wire with the aim of producing bolts for cars. In 1383 with the arrival of new shareholders, its name was changed to Iran Khodro The Engineering Design and Development and the main activities of the company turned to manufacture and supply equipment for gas autoes.But finally in 1391, Iran Khodro Company transferred all his shares to the shareholders and the company name was changed to its present name. After the board changes, new investment by shareholders and taking several manufacturing telecommunications equipment and products factories, the main activities subject was led to the implementation of the telecom and oil projects and at the moment the company has begun serious work in these areas.